Crane Operator

Kanarraville, UT

Crane Operator  

Building Zone Industries (BZI)

Mission Statement, Values, and Ethics

Building Zone Industries (BZI) Mission Statement:

To Revolutionize the Steel Erection Industry Through Innovation and Team Performance, and to Accelerate Project Delivery While Setting New Standards in Safety and Efficiency.

We accomplish our mission by gauging everything we do by the BZI Core Values:

Trust, Respect, and Integrity.

Our mission statement and core values relate to how we interact with one another, with our customers and how we model those values in our individual behavior. For example, building Trust is an important factor in successful relationships, but it requires a commitment to trustworthy behavior. Respect is very important in teamwork and customer service, this includes our manners, language, and demeanor toward ourselves and toward others. Acting with Integrity is on purpose doing the right thing under all circumstances it includes being honest, professional, ethical, giving quality and consistent service, and having a positive attitude.

These Characteristics define us and the culture of our organization. Our success depends on positive employee morale and good team working relationships. Anyone accepting employment by BZI agrees to understand, abide by, advance, and demonstrate these values and characteristics in all aspects of our organization.

Our culture and our company is reflected in our attitude, which establishes our reputation and affects our opportunities.

 Building Zone Industries offers more than just competitive compensation and a medical & dental insurance package to our Team Members.


Operating cranes of various size and type. Person must be able to safely, efficiently, and physically able to perform work tasks on the job.

Includes but not limited to:

  • Ensure personal, team, and jobsite safety.
  • Operate Hydro and Lattice Boom Cranes.
  • Rigging Inspections.
  • Maintain BZI certifications and Health and Safety rules.
  • Equipment inspections.
  • Damage prevention to material, building, and equipment.
  • Ensure profitability through efficiency, safety, and personal growth.
  • Communicate and work professionally with teammates and other trades on the job.
  • Work well in a team environment.
  • Must be able to travel with the company to various States where the projects are.
  • Current NCCO Certification.
  • General knowledge of equipment and preventative maintenance.
  • 5 years of field building construction experience preferred.
  • 5 years of operator experience.
  • Safe, positive, and openminded attitude.